What are the career and job opportunities after B.Sc Physics? Is studying B.Sc Maths a good option? What is the scope of B.Sc Clinical research?

Indus Institute of
Sciences Humanities
& Liberal Studies (IISHLS)

The Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Studies (IISHLS) is one of the core centres at the Indus University.

The Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Studies (IISHLS) is one of the core centers at the Indus University that strives to provide core knowledge of sciences and the English language. This institute covers six significant departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Life Sciences and Languages.

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What is the scope of B.Sc. Chemistry?

Department of Life Science

Department of Science and Humanities

The departments are developed to improve the capacity to think logically, apply scientific ideas to solve real-life problems and appreciate basic science subjects. The departments are delivering graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D programmes. These programmes are created to cater to the requirements of the trending times so that students are trained to become professionals in the core sciences and areas like pharmaceutical science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and English language teaching. These departments also offer and teach efficiently suitable subjects in the engineering, management and aviation disciplines.

The departments at IISHLS are furnished with well-qualified and committed individuals, which scaffold the continuous innovations across the university. Innovation and a keen eye for details describe these departments' workings, having its presence in all other programmes at Indus. The departments possess state-of-the-art computer, physics and chemistry laboratories to keep the theoretical aspects of the subjects and impart practical knowledge of the same. It also has a language laboratory to enhance English and communication skills.

Finally, all the faculty members continuously upgrade their subject domains by presenting and publishing papers in national and international conferences/journals. This allows them to stay updated with the current developments of the field and efficiently obtain these developments into the classrooms for the enlargement of the subject/s.



Department Activities

Parent-Teacher Meet

Clinical Research and Microbiology Departments successfully concluded both offline and online Parents Teacher Meetings with the aim of fostering effective communication between parents and teachers on April 13, 2024.

Indus Science Fest-2024

Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Studies organized Indus Science Fest-2024 on March 05-06, 2024. Indus Science Fest-2024, a vibrant two-day event, drew participation from over 250 students representing various universities. The inaugural session, marked by traditional ceremonies and esteemed speakers Dr. Arvind C. Ranade, set the tone for the festivities. He highlighted Sir C. V. Raman's contributions to science, discussed the National Science Day theme, and emphasized the role of Indus University in promoting it across Gujarat via the fest. On the first day, competitions like Scientific Rangoli, Poster Presentation, Sci-Innovators, and Scientific Models captivated participants and judges alike. Day Two, continued the momentum with engaging activities such as the Science Scavenger Game, Sci-Toons Competition, and a lively Debate on Science, where students showcased their intellect and creativity. The fest served as a platform for students to exhibit their scientific prowess, fostering collaboration and innovation within the academic community.

Industrial Visit

To enhance holistic education and to develop creative, cognitive and analytical skills among students, the Department of Life Science and Department of Languages (English), had organized a visit to Mundra for various projects of the Adani Group on February 11-12 ,2024. Project Udaan is one of the programmes of Adani Group, which included visits to Adani Solar Power, Adani Wilmar and Adani Port, Adani windmill, and Adani Thermal Plant. The visit to all different locations was guided by professionals and it was thoroughly learning and knowledge gaining experience. Students interacted with industry experts and learnt about the broader aspects of all industries and its contribution to the society and Nation.